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Shangrila Informatics (P.) Ltd. (Shangrila) is a company established with a concrete aim of providing complete IT solutions to the end-users. The establishment of the company dates back to 2052 B.S. when a team of IT experts laid down the foundation stone of the company as a small industry named Shangrila Software and Computer Services which is now incorporated as Shangrila Informatics (P.) Ltd. as per the Company Act 2053 of Government of Nepal. With years of professional experience in the field of IT, the company has been engaged in developing a variety of products and consultation services to the concerned government organizations, non-government organizations as well as private organizations as per their needs and demands.

The company has every reason to have pride on its existence as it is an undertaking of the people who have excelled in the field of Information Technology through practical display of their expertise and efficiency with immense competence. Moreover, they hold immeasurable esteem among the IT experts in and across the border. The company strongly emphasizes and promotes its quality of product to its costumers. Quality control has been strictly follow the standard and tested meticulously during the design, development and operation process to ensure the products to be error free. Shangrila is committed to give the quality products as well as the strong technical support for the establishment and operation of the computerized information system. Shangrila further commits to continue its tradition of providing top-quality margins aggressive products equipped well with latest state-of-art technology.

Municipal ERP

In operation in ward offices, municipalities, sub-metropolitans and metropolitans across the country this is a latest, easy to use tool employed in local administrative bodies of the country to manage day to function on land registration, municipal taxation, Building permit process, Inventory management information system, Land Tax (malpot), Vehicle Tax, Accounting System, Planning management and so on.


This is a centralized backbone web based System for Nepal Police to automate the process of Personnel Administration such as digital archiving of documents of about 75000 personnel. It also includes data conversion and migration from old system (d2k as frontend and oracle as backend, user interface: English with Preeti for some major fields) to ( as frontend and oracle as backend, user interface: Multilingual).


This is a centralized Personnel Information System for the 4 security forces (eg. Nepal Police, Armed Police). This system is designed for pulling data from the information system database of the security forces. This system can also calculate Pension, Gratuity & other facilities provided to retired police personnel. It manages more than 135,000 personnel’s records.


This registry of health workers is created by customization and localization of IHRIS to meet requirement of minimum data set and national needs. This system can import existing data from Human Resource Development Information System (HuRDIS). This system can manage information on over 100,000 national health workers.

Support Program

This service was rendered to then Bharatpur municipality for Institutionalization of GIS, addressing sections of the municipality office, installation of various system component software, provide technical support for establishing metric house number and street signage, provide technical support for data entry and operation of the system, conduct introductory and advanced on-the job GIS training.

Development of Website

Development of interactive and dynamic CMS based website for numerous District Development Committees (DDC) of Nepal with Nepali Unicode Interface and a contemporary website for Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) with features such as VeriSign Certificate License.

We specialise in Government Project.

We believe we are pioneer in the field of Information technology service industry by the sheer amount of experience we have gathered over the last 20 years. We have become more wise and mature in our decision making that has only helped us crystallize the attributes of our services.

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Municipal Taxation

Web Based Application

Tax Collection by municipal from the individual and organisation within that municipality (eg vehicle tax, land tax, rental tax, house(rental) tax.


Web Based Application

Municipal ERP

Web Based Application

Municipal Taxation System – Municipal Accounting System – Land Registration Management Information System – Building Permit Process Management System – Inventory and Assets Management System – Document Management and Tracking System – Planning Management System


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